11880654_10207409069364456_4805640182241860401_nHi everyone!! We are Chris and Sissy and if you ever see us driving real slow past your house, well there’s a good chance that you have a vintage camper that we spotted. Because that’s what we do, or as Sissy likes to say “that’s how we roll”. We are addicted to old campers, we love them. Some of our first dates were driving around in the country looking for trailers. What started out as a fun idea quickly grew into an obsession and now has grown into a full time business. Which is crazy, because it doesn’t feel like work to us. Don’t get us wrong, there is a whole boat load of work involved in restoring an old camper. All you have to do is look on Craigslist or Facebook and see how many of the ads say “life got in the way”, “in over my head”, “more than I had bargained for” or my personal favorite “gutted” which is usually as far as most people get. Which is ok, that’s why we’re here. To help, this is what we do everyday. We have the knowledge, resources and experience to turn that vision into a reality. We want to help, we love vintage campers and enjoy when a client brings in their “baby”. These campers gave many families wonderful memories for a long time, we want to help relive those memories and make some new ones.

Chris & Sissy